Top 10 Team Motivators

Do you know the top reasons why team members stay in their jobs with you?
Would it help to know what motivates them?

Today’s blog I must admit is less than original. It was prompted from an infographic that I saw on LinkedIn a few days ago. I can’t take credit for the list of 10 nor am I sure who to credit it to, but I think nonetheless the points were worth sharing.

I put these in no particular order of importance but I put it out there to prompt you to think about how you deal with your team members.
So what do employees want?

  1. To Be Paid Well
    Not a big surprise but at the same time is widely recognised as NOT being the number one motivator. Reward people well and you will be rewarded in return.
  2. To Be Mentored
    Team members want the support and guidance of their managers so that not only they do a great job but also that they grow within their capabilities and positions.
  3. To Be Challenged
    Mundane and boring just won’t cut if for ambitious people. The best people need to have something to stive for and extend themselves to see just how far they can go.
  4. To Have The Opportunity For Promotion
    Having a career path is vital to keep top employees engaged. Knowing that there are opportunities for future advancement is critical.
  5. To Be Involved
    By definition, if you are not part of the solution you must be part of the problem! Team members want to be a part of the betterment of the business. Get them involved and reap the rewards.
  6. To Be Appreciated
    It is so simple to say thank you or well done. If you show your appreciation through simple words or actions the level of satisfaction of your people is sure to rise.
  7. To Be Valued
    Similar to appreciation but I think that being valued has a longer term nature to it. Make people feel that you really want them as part of your team.
  8. To Be On A Mission
    People need goals to work to and achieve. You need to share a vision with your employees so that they understand that you are all on a journey of continuos improvement.
  9. To Be Empowered
    Let your people make decisions, take responsibility and be supported, by you, in their choices. Give them the chance to reach their full potential.
  10. Trusted
    Trust is a massive factor in any relationship and the employee/employer relationship is no different. Make your team feel that you are behind them 100%.

I hope that you find the list useful and thought provoking. Maybe keep it handy and make it a part of your people planning procedure. Any comments or observations would be appreciated. Until next time.

Richard Coumans
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