Think Big and Innovate

In recent times I have gone small. Office space gone. Team members gone. Overheads gone. Pretty much all of my problems gone! It’s an interesting feeling after working at building a business for more than 25 years but it’s not just about going small on the tangible infrastructure it’s about thinking big and embracing real innovation.

My business is about helping people plan, set goals and work toward improving themselves and their business. In planning my new business I found myself setting comfortable revenue goals that were going to give me the lifestyle I require and not stretch me too far. I love the inside out working week! If I can avoid Monday and Friday that is perfect. But after reading The One Thing by Gary Keller, I’ve seriously had a change of focus. You know what, I was heading down the road of limiting my achievement. I was playing safe.

Seriously, setting big goals and achieving them is hard, complicated and time consuming. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated. And to be honest I can be fairly lazy so taking the easy option becomes appealing. But I now think that thinking big is essential to extraordinary results. What are the 4 key things to focus on?

  1. Think Big
    Get of the slow lane to success with incremental thinking.Think about a goal and multiply it by 2, by 5, by 10! Set goals so far above your original target and reach for the stars.
  2. See Things Differently
    Don’t always choose from available options. Imagine outcomes that no one else would and set a path to them. In short, innovate at every chance.
  3. Act Bold
    Big thoughts go nowhere without bold action. It’s about getting off your backside and turning your big ideas and goals into a bigger reality than you ever thought possible.
  4. Don’t Fear Failure
    Extraordinary results sometimes encounter roadblocks along the way. Failure is a natural outcome when bold action is taken, it’s a matter of learning from it and moving on to the big goal.

My 3 year outlook now includes revenue targets triple of what I had originally set. I still want to limit my face to face time with high value clients but add a leveraged model to increase my influence and coverage. In terms of team and infrastructure I am going virtual. And the final stretch goal is to stop thinking local and start thinking global. Daniel Priestly, best selling author and entrepreneur, phrased the term Global Small Business. I love the idea of small in terms of bricks and mortar and big in terms of influence.

The most important thing now is what are YOU going to do to think big and innovate? Just start thinking outside the square and begin identifying those big hairy audacious goals and go for them. Refine your plans and and take bold action. Change your mindset and have a real crack! Good luck…