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What is involved?

Coumans has a range of five online courses chosen for their importance and relevance to business owners.

  • Sales Performance Course
  • Marketing and Sales Course
  • Business Improvement Process
  • Leadership Development Course
  • Team Development Course

These courses are designed in a way which allows you to work your way through the worksheets at your own pace while having coaching support every step along the way.

It is estimated that each course takes between 12 – 16 hours to complete and allows you to make the necessary changes to ensure your worksheets are completed effectively after receiving feedback from your coach.

This ensures you get a full understanding of each step and a clearer idea of what you need to implement in your business.

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Sales is often thought of as the domain of high-energy extraverts that can talk underwater, however many years of observing and training sales people has demonstrated something very different. High performing business people who sell are often quiet, calculated and humble people who plan sales success and take pride in the careers they build.

In fact, the best we have seen regard themselves as business professionals. They regard their skill development and on the job training akin to a degree in ‘art’ or ‘science’. This raises an interesting thought; “Why is there no university for sales or selling?”
After many years of research, it has been discovered that when individuals are presented with a solid framework and process for selling effectively, alongside opportunities for practice, anyone can sell – they just need a little sales essence or “swagger”.

This online course aims to instruct you in the art of selling and improve the skill set of anybody who has to present and sell their products or services to the market. So take this online Sales Safari and get a feel for the basics that will assist you in selling.


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Marketing and Sales is the lifeblood of any organisation. Many companies are finding using traditional methods increasingly difficult and hard to sustain in the generation of new business people who are getting more and more busy.

This course will provide you with a practical set of marketing and sales tools that are easy to implement in your business. These tools will lift your sales skills and confidence to deliver growth targets.


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This course will provide you with a set of easy-to-implement business tools and processes for driving successful change in any business.

The course allows you to identify your top 3 growth and profit issues or opportunities and to develop a clear vision for your business. It also allows you to identify the factors required to create successful change in a business.

This course will help you to prioritise the strategic issues in your business and to turn those strategies into actions.

On completion you will have developed a One Page Plan on your and will have a strong understanding of key strategy tools.


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The Mindshop Leadership Development course is a unique program that allows you to develop your own leadership plan. Anyone can read up on the theory of leadership; this program focuses on implementation.

We create challenges and experiences that focus attention on leadership solutions for critical organizational performance issues. This is achieved through the use of the business and problem solving tools and processes. The program unlocks leadership and management development potential by raising awareness of important issues and by creating an environment for strategic reflection and tools to take strategies into action.

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There is a wealth of resource material available for team leaders but where does a team member learn how to do their job better? It is assumed that we know what to do. It is not just about attending meetings. We need a process to ensure that we leverage the skills and experience of every team member.

The tools and processes are not well known and certainly not widely used. The Team Development process will provide you with the tools and processes needed to ensure that your participation as either a team leader or team member will be effective.

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