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Management Competency Audit
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SWOT Analysis Tool
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Competitor Analysis Tool
GPS Diagnostic Tool
Decision Matrix Tool
Decision Matrix printable worksheet
Pricing Tool
Seven Wastes Audit Tool
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Powered by – the following business tools provide an effective starting point to looking at your business objectively, and a good way to start working ON your business.

These tools are valuable because by understanding where your business is now, and the current issues you are facing, you can develop a clearer idea of where you want to be in the future. By having the vision in place, your action plans can be developed which can lead to beneficial changes within your business.

The spreadsheets can be downloaded and saved, so you can try them out in your own business. Give the tools a go, and for any advice or help please contact  Richard Coumans

>> Management Competency Audit (360 degree review)

The Management Competency Audit or the 360 Degree Audit as it is sometimes known, provides a process that you can use to conduct an appraisal on a person.

The process involves asking key people within the organization to provide assessment on themselves and other key people.

>> Growth Strategy

The Growth Strategy process is a frame work tool that provides you with a more traditional approach to adding strategy to a company’s portfolio. There are several ways that you can grow and they include:

  1. Market Penetration – Can you think of any existing products that you can grow within your existing market?
  2. Market Expansion – Have you any existing products that we can sell into new markets?
  3. Product Expansion – Have you any new products that we can sell into your existing markets?
  4. Diversification – Have you any new products that you could develop in your new markets?
  5. Next – double check that they have thought of all options.

>> Strategic SWOT

The strategic SWOT tool is useful in starting the process of developing a strategy. Strategy can be defined as the path the business is going to follow to achieve its objectives. The value of the SWOT is dependent on the quality of the SWOT items. They must reflect the competitive strengths and weaknesses.

It must also be based on a real understanding of market opportunities and threats. What strategies combine the elements of your strengths and opportunities to overcome your weaknesses and threats?

>> Competitor Analysis

Do you know who your competitors are? Do you know what they are doing? Customers usually know the difference between companies the purchase from. You also need to know this information and once you have gathered it, you need to conduct a competitor analysis.

The competitor analysis tool is used to discover any gaps in the competitive advantage of competitors and to develop action plans to improve the strategy of the organisation under review.

>> GPS Diagnostic

20% of the issues in your business are causing 80% of your problems. 80% of your growth and profit will also come from 20% of your clients. What this means is that you really need to focus on what are the STRATEGIC issues in your business.

What are the 20% of issues that if addressed, will have a dramatic impact on increasing your growth and profit? The ‘Growth and Profit’ Diagnostic will work you through a process of drawing out what your key issues are, and will also determine the ‘positive financial impact’ of resolving each issue.

>> Decision Matrix

The decision matrix tool allows you to consider other alternatives to the decision you have made, and weigh up the benefits or factors that could impact your decision. It then allows you to formulate action plans based on your findings. The process helps you to see the possible outcomes and alternatives, which will ultimately lead you to making a better informed decision.

>> Pricing Tool

Getting the price point wrong in your business can lead to major costs. Price too high and you will lose sales, price too low and you will leave money on the table. Getting the price right is a critical step. The pricing tool helps to bring into focus all the elements of pricing and brings forward a wide range of issues that need considering.

>> Seven Wastes Audit

The seven wastes audit looks at overproduction, waiting, transport, unnecessary inventory and motions and defects. Each area is given a weighting and an annual figure. This process allows you to see what is the biggest waste in your business and to then develop action plans to remove waste and improve your score.