Are You Really Serious About Creating Change?

In my dealings with a number of businesses, I come across a lot of people who talk about wanting to change their current situation yet don’t take action to achieve this change. I understand that the average person resists change because of fear but understanding how to move past this fear is vital for success.

I use a formula for change called D.V.P.  Simply put, your change potential is a function of  Dissatisfaction, Vision and Plan.

D       x       V       x       P      =    Change Potential

Dissatisfaction               Vision                                Plan
WHY?                                WHAT?                              HOW?

So what is my change potential? Okay, let’s take a personal example as opposed to a business one. Winter is passing and I’ve been in a good paddock eating and drinking during those colder months. Now I’m feeling bloated and overweight. This is my dissatisfaction. My vision is to lose 8kg and look amazing in my summer clothing down at the beach. My plan is to engage a personal trainer and week by week get my body to where I want it to be. Get the picture? So if I say that my dissatisfaction is at 6/10, my vision is at 7/10 and the plan is 8/10, my change potential becomes 6 x 7 x 8/1000 which equals 33.6% . Contrast this with the situation where I have no vision and no actionable plan ……………nothing will change!

This is the “Why” or motivational factor in our formula. Dissatisfaction needs to be high to support change efforts as few people really like change. People need to be feeling some real pain. Generally in a business, this could be things like falling sales, poor profitability, destructive culture, aggresive competitors, bad cashflow and the like. You know the symtoms I’m talking about! It is important to understand that where there are only a few people feeling the pain, the change will be difficult to implement. In this case it may be necessary to raise the level of discomfort by explaining the harsh business realities to all people in the business before they see the need and choose to support the change process.

The “Dissatisfaction” pushes individuals to change but is of  little value if there is no common vision. The “Vision” pulls the indivuals towards change by providing a direction for change and is the “Where” factor of the formula. The vision is where you would like the organisation to be in the future and it should represent something that people really would like to be a part of and they want to make happen. Without a clear sense of organizational direction and an attractive future to begin working towards, your change effort will be limited. Organisation alignment to a common purpose and vision is a very powerful force.

This is the “How” factor of the DVP formula. A detailed project plan with the major activities, deliverables and benefits clearly listed can help increase the motivation to change. People often underestimate what it will take to bring the organiosation from its current state to the desired future state. It is common to misjudge the amount of time, barriers, money, effort, training, communication and planning needed. Documenting the plan enables it to be reviewed for completeness and relevance.

So we return to the central theme of this blog, are you really serious about creating change? If you are not prepared to apply the simple formula of D.V.P.  you’re pretty much doomed to failure. If you’re comfortable and not prepared for some heavy lifting don’t bother trying. If, however you can see a better future and are prepared to work towrds it, go for it!

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