Coaching Programs

We know a lot about you and your business.

We’ve worked with hundreds of business people not too different from you and this gives us a unique insight that is invaluable when we work together as your trusted adviser, or as we prefer to describe it, as your management coach.

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Let’s talk about the word “coach” for a moment. Typically, in the sporting arena, the most successful coaches are not, and have not been, elite athletes themselves.

In other words:

  • They don’t necessarily have to be expert ‘practitioners’ of a sport.
  • What they need is a systematic approach to get the best out of the people who do have those talents and to mould them into a team.
  • They need to understand how the game is played and how to get the team focused on executing plays that their competition do not anticipate and find difficult to counter.
  • The metaphor of a sports coach is most appropriate in a business setting.

Like elite athletes, elite business people must rely on others for insights and knowledge that they do not have and often, can’t possibly have, because they are too close to the game.

And that’s where we and our Business Accelerator Program come in.

Business Accelerator Program

You can select one of our 4 Business Coaching Support Packages or opt for a totally customised solution.

Business Coaching Support Packages

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You can select the program that best suits your requirements. We can work with you given your particular circumstances to determine which level of support will be achieve your objectives.

Customised Solutions

If your business has a particular requirement such as workshops, retreats, mentoring or any other special projects within our capability, we will happily tailor a specific solution for you.

Whatever your particular circumstance we act as a management coach for business owners and managers. We have the tools, resources, skills and coaching knowledge to help you achieve business performance excellence and have a dramatic, positive impact on your business and your life. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Click HERE to book your free strategy session and find out how coaching can help you grow your business.