What Is Your Business Model?

Does Your Business Model Suit Your Business Today? I've been reading and implementing ideas from a book called Business Model Generation recently. It's amazing that even though many of us have been in business for so long we don't take the time to sit back and reflect on what we are doing in our … [Read more...]

The Number One Sales Question

In strategy sessions conducted with clients I often ask: “What’s the number one thing that will increase sales?” While I get a number of diverse answers (or worse, blank stares!), in my opinion the number one thing that must come before all others is that you have to believe you can increase sales. … [Read more...]

We Need A Plan!

In today's post I want to step you through the strategic planning process. I think that we're all familiar with the saying "failing to plan is planning to fail" and it is so true. I thought a quick refresh with an accompanying checklist may inspire some of you to refocus on getting you plans knocked … [Read more...]

Implementation – Getting Things Done

Strategy development has become extremely challenging in demanding market conditions but it is probably eclipsed by the ability, or lack of ability, of business leaders to successfully implement this strategy. Companies need to be scrutinising their performance more closely than ever … [Read more...]

Action – Your Special Sauce!

Are You Ready For Action? In the last of the series on creating your strategic plan we are going to look at how we turn our strategies into prioritised and powerful action plans. Once we have decide on and set our strategies, all that remains to be done is to set priorities to implement these … [Read more...]

Developing Strategy – How Do We Do It?

In previous posts we've been through setting the vision, the business mission, values and objectives. Today I'd like to look at the Now elements of the business being the big issues that need to be addressed and how these form the basis of your business strategy. The Parato Principle, or the … [Read more...]

Plan 2015 Mission|Values|Objectives

SO I'VE SET MY VISION, WHAT'S NEXT? Last post I spoke about the "where" elements of the planning process and fleshed out how we go about defining the destination for the business. This destination is known as the business vision. Today we'll look at Mission, Values and … [Read more...]

Are Your Plans Clear For 2015?

I think that I've shared with you in the past that I like a one page plan that breaks its elements into the following time frames:                    Vision|3 years                                                                                       Goals|12 months                    … [Read more...]

Business Owners Are Delusional

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

You may consider this a bit harsh but in many cases it is so true. Business owners can't see the obvious things right in front of them! The reality is that they choose to maintain unrealistic beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The position of the company will not … [Read more...]

Business Accelerator Program

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Well after a couple of months layoff it's good to be back with a new website and a new signature system program. A lot of time has gone into creating content that will assist business owners like you to think more strategically about your business. We have developed a strategic framework that … [Read more...]