Tips For Creating Momentum

Creating momentum within your business is a result of increasing the things that move you forward and decreasing those that hold you back. Sounds pretty simple but to have the business that we desire there are habits and repeat cycles that we need to overcome. By creating momentum, we can move past … [Read more...]

The 7 Critical Things Business Owners Need to Know

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Do you find it difficult to know what to focus on in your business? Are you keeping an eye on the critical business indicators? In my travels, I have had the pleasure of working with business owners whose businesses operate at varying levels of success. In my assessment, the following are 7 … [Read more...]

Key Performance Indicators

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Key performance indicators are measures of business performance. They are used to check performance against targets, or as benchmarks to signal areas of performance in need of improvement. They are, therefore, measures of business’s Critical Success Factors. In any enterprise there may be dozens … [Read more...]