Are You Making The Most Of Your Database?

Do you understand what database marketing is? Do you know how could it benefit your business? What is it? Database marketing is the use of information about customers and prospective customers that is stored in a database to to generate marketing communications. A database is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

Think Customer First!

Is Your Business Putting the Customer First? So you have a great idea and you really think that it’s a profitable one. You know its income potential, you've done your market research and you've already documented the business model. Boom, sounds like you're onto a winner! And yet, for most … [Read more...]

Targeting the Right Customers

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Is your niche narrow enough? Targeting the right market for your business not only brings in the money, but it also boosts your company’s branding and market appeal. It can be tempting to cover a wide market for your business but this can lead to patchy results, especially if you’re lacking … [Read more...]