Business Accelerator Program

Well after a couple of months layoff it’s good to be back with a new website and a new signature system program.

A lot of time has gone into creating content that will assist business owners like you to think more strategically about your business. We have developed a strategic framework that adds what I call the PPP – Planning-Performance-Profitabilty. Each element of the system focuses on ways to work on and improve all the itegrated parts of your business.

We will be focusing on delivering content on the 5 Key Strategy areas that make up the Business Accelerator Program, namely Marketing, Operations, People, Innovation and Finance.

Increasingly in the work that I do with a large number of clients, business owners are grappling with sales volumes that are not increasing or actually decreasing, reducing levels of profitabilityand¬†inefficient systems which all leads to tumbling business value and stress on cashflow.¬†We want to assist business owners better plan their business, bolster business performance and ultimately achieve far greater levels of profitability in the end resulting in a business that simply hums. I can’t tell you the shift in head space when you work with a business owner that takes some action, not all easy, that results in growing sales, better marketing and more engaged people. It can be done and we’ll show you small steps of how.

There is a bunch of stuff that you need to know if you don’t already. What does or should my business model look like? What does that even mean? Have we got a vision of what we are ultimately creating and goals along the way to ensure that we reach our destination? Who are our target customers and how do we reach them? How do we best organise the way we do things? How do we engage our team? What processes do we we need in place to make this all work?

We’ll be feeding you how to steps along the journey so that you know exatly what to do to achieve the outcomes that you set for yourself. Above all we’ll tell you the things to do now to get things moving.

I look forward to inteacting with you and providing you with killer tips to take your business to the next level. In the meantime, please take as look around our new website at and have a go at the GPS Dignostic. It’s free and it will pinpoint some interesting issues in your business.

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll catch up with you next week!