Create a Positive Spiral In Your Business

"The purpose creating a business is to sell it." Michael Gerber.     Regardless of whether or not you're thinking about selling your business, Gerber's point is that a business should be structured and operate in such a way as to result in the highest possible business valuation. It's not a sexy … [Read more...]

The 7 Critical Things Business Owners Need to Know

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Do you find it difficult to know what to focus on in your business? Are you keeping an eye on the critical business indicators? In my travels, I have had the pleasure of working with business owners whose businesses operate at varying levels of success. In my assessment, the following are 7 … [Read more...]

Think Big and Innovate

In recent times I have gone small. Office space gone. Team members gone. Overheads gone. Pretty much all of my problems gone! It's an interesting feeling after working at building a business for more than 25 years but it's not just about going small on the tangible infrastructure it's about thinking … [Read more...]

Proper Financial Management Is Crucial

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Are you keeping an eye on the critical financial events in your business? Are finances just something left to the beancounters? Over the years I have seen hundreds of business owners (and this includes me!) make really poor financial decisions simply because they did not have their finger on the … [Read more...]

Business Owners Are Delusional

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

You may consider this a bit harsh but in many cases it is so true. Business owners can't see the obvious things right in front of them! The reality is that they choose to maintain unrealistic beliefs even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The position of the company will not … [Read more...]

Business Accelerator Program

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Well after a couple of months layoff it's good to be back with a new website and a new signature system program. A lot of time has gone into creating content that will assist business owners like you to think more strategically about your business. We have developed a strategic framework that … [Read more...]

One Page Business Plan

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Do you avoid writing down your plans? Could a simple one pager change this? I flew back into Avalon on Sunday night after an intense 2 days of training with marketing guru, Taki Moore. The content of his program and his energetic delivery style is amazing! My head is still spinning. The final … [Read more...]

Smart Ways To Control Costs

Coumans - Driving Business Forward

Do you know your most profitable profit lines? Do you know how far your sales volume can drop before the figures turn red? Do you know your break even point? To have a strong successful business, you need to have a clear understanding of the financial impact that your most basic business … [Read more...]