Tips For Creating Momentum

Creating momentum within your business is a result of increasing the things that move you forward and decreasing those that hold you back. Sounds pretty simple but to have the business that we desire there are habits and repeat cycles that we need to overcome. By creating momentum, we can move past … [Read more...]

Are You Making The Most Of Your Database?

Do you understand what database marketing is? Do you know how could it benefit your business? What is it? Database marketing is the use of information about customers and prospective customers that is stored in a database to to generate marketing communications. A database is nothing more than a … [Read more...]

What Is Your Business Model?

Does Your Business Model Suit Your Business Today? I've been reading and implementing ideas from a book called Business Model Generation recently. It's amazing that even though many of us have been in business for so long we don't take the time to sit back and reflect on what we are doing in our … [Read more...]

Top 10 Team Motivators

Do you know the top reasons why team members stay in their jobs with you? Would it help to know what motivates them? Today's blog I must admit is less than original. It was prompted from an infographic that I saw on LinkedIn a few days ago. I can't take credit for the list of 10 nor am I sure … [Read more...]

The Number One Sales Question

In strategy sessions conducted with clients I often ask: “What’s the number one thing that will increase sales?” While I get a number of diverse answers (or worse, blank stares!), in my opinion the number one thing that must come before all others is that you have to believe you can increase sales. … [Read more...]

We Need A Plan!

In today's post I want to step you through the strategic planning process. I think that we're all familiar with the saying "failing to plan is planning to fail" and it is so true. I thought a quick refresh with an accompanying checklist may inspire some of you to refocus on getting you plans knocked … [Read more...]

Implementation – Getting Things Done

Strategy development has become extremely challenging in demanding market conditions but it is probably eclipsed by the ability, or lack of ability, of business leaders to successfully implement this strategy. Companies need to be scrutinising their performance more closely than ever … [Read more...]

Think Customer First!

Is Your Business Putting the Customer First? So you have a great idea and you really think that it’s a profitable one. You know its income potential, you've done your market research and you've already documented the business model. Boom, sounds like you're onto a winner! And yet, for most … [Read more...]